“You’ve done a wonderful job, and I learned a lot from reading your book! I think it’s fabulous and really does what you intended, which is to give people a wide view of what it means to get and stay healthy as a woman and to cut through all the confusion.” ~ Trace Seybold, Author & Editor, Co

“I love it for so many reasons: I loved the voice; the story telling feeling, you can see the research behind and how facts and opinions are put in a very and cohesive way, as grounded scientific data and the graphics and designs are fun and inviting. You guys did an incredible Work!!!” ~ Maria C, San Francisco

“This book is awesome! I was having major cramps, headaches and had so many questions about what was happening to me month after month. After reading HappySmartME I feel so much more connected with my body and better prepared for every month.” ~ Carry, Student, Cal.

“Though, being a doctor, I have knowledge of almost all the things mentioned, but to read all of them in a compiled manner and that too in relevance to female health is really an outstanding experience.” ~ Dr. Ritu Goel, Physician & Nutritionist

“I was basically feeling like my best days were gone, far behind me and I’d never get back to myself, never feel “sane” again – or even romantic for that matter. Now I have totally reassessed everything and have a totally different perspective.” ~ Stacey Mildros, Mom of 4, Austin Texas

“I had no idea why I couldn’t shake those last 10-15 pounds off my middle area. I figured I would have muffin tops forever. But now I understand my body and my hormones better and already I feel lighter – not bloated or puffy. Thanks for everything!”  Erica B, Teacher, Boston

“For the first time I really understand how to meditate and how to use it to my benefit everyday. You simplified a big mystery. I wish everyone made it so easy.” Andrea Gosling, NY, NY