Estrogen Dominance – Do Not Surrender


Hola! We figure we may as well share what we go through and how we came about this project in the first place… A conversation we’ve been having on and off for almost two decades of friendship. When you’ve known one another as long as we have, there is no … Continue reading

Quinoa: UN’s 2013 Food of the Year!


Quinoa, named as 2013′s Food of the Year by the U.N. – accordingly to Mental Floss magazine anyway… And if you don’t subscribe to MentalFloss, I highly suggest it. Truly entertaining! What is Quinoa Anyway? Quinoa is a grain like seed that has the eight essential amino acids making it … Continue reading

Thinking About Personal Development?


Thinking About Personal Development? You should always be focusing on your personal development. Personal development covers managing your finances to finding a new hobby, including changing your diet and spending habits. Working on yourself is really important. Continually working to become a better person is always a positive thing, because … Continue reading